Nearby activities

In a radius of 10 kms around the camping site, you will find a big number of activities for everybody. The Périgord is full of little places you need to discover and that you can discover with the help of many different service providers, so don't hesitate to choose what will be best for you.

Along the river, The Nobert Gabarres will rock you. A tour will teach you the story of the Dordogne river and its gabarres (typical boats). Tours in several languages.

For the sports likers, an introduction to climbing or to speleology in one of the fitted out sites of your choice.

For the experts, it is also possible just to rent the equipment.

A green way goes through the camping site. It is a road for bicycles. Those who wish to use it will be able to rent their bicycle from Joel at the Bike Bus, 500m from the campsite and Guillaume in Sarlat also rents bikes to discover Sarlat's green way. They're both located at the beginning of the ways.

This is absolutely unavoidable to advice you to go canoeing. There is nothing better to discover the Dordogne Valley from a unique standpoint. You can choose yourself your route and the number of kilometers that you want to achieve according to your level. You can spend the day on the water or just one hour. Children are accepted from the age of 4.

A horse ride out of the usual paths will help you reach viewpoints that we cannot reach alone or we can also go along the river.

For those who wish to be autonomous and want to visit the different places in a more original way, we recommend you the renting of donkeys. Everybody enjoys this concept, especially the children who will enjoy the walk without getting too tired.

Just like in many regions, we have adventure courses and tree climbing. Amazing sensations await you when you cross the Dordogne with a Tyrolean. You will find courses for every level, for very sporty people and people who practice less sport.

And of course, flights in hot-air baloons. You need to plan quite an important budget but the show is worth it.